Friends and Family - Many of you know about C2Adopt and the special role it played in bringing Evie to us.  They provided support, home studies, education and the required supervision 11+ years ago during our adoption process.  I knew then that it was a group worthy of our support. Years later, I joined their Board, to try to support this organization that was so significant to us.  I have come to understand that not all adoptions go smoothly.  Virginia has so many children in foster care, waiting to be part of a family. Once adopted, many of those families and adoptees require ongoing support from C2Adopt and its fantastic staff.


      Now, more than ever, in the midst of this pandemic, there are families in need of support.  As children return to school in the fall, we know that there will be a dramatic increase in the number of children who need our support.  Teachers and school counselors are often the ones who identify children who are at risk, and with the school closures, many of those children have not had safe adults to turn to.


      Please consider supporting them as they continue to work for Virginia's children.  You can give by clicking below, and some employers will even match your donation.  We are so grateful for any support you can offer. 

      Affectionately,  Anne and Evie