If you are reading my page, you probably know my personal connection to adoption as both an adoptee AND a birth parent. I wanted to share with you part of MY story rather than a client.

My family would have been a client of C2Adopt if such an agency existed in my teen years. With 4 children all adopted as infants, you might think there would be no "adoption challenges" but you would be wrong. All four of us were not only challenged by the separation from our birth families,  then foster families, but also by the early loss of our father who died suddenly as all four of us were teenagers. We had loss on top of loss to cope with and manage. In addition, my parents were not given any useful information about how our experiences as adopted children might be impacting how we managed the loss of our dad. They were not given any useful support as to how they could help their children avoid "checking out" ; or why we might all be struggling with our identity formation. There was no agency that had the knowledge and expertise to step in and support my parents when they needed it the most. And therefore, we all suffered and struggled harder than we needed to in order to figure it all out.

My passion for working in this field and for working only for C2Adopt for the past 28 years is because of their commitment to support adoptive families for a lifetime. Making a wide range of services easily accessible, free and flexible is how we are making sure that current families don't have to do this alone the way my family did 40 years ago. Please consider supporting C2Adopt during this unique fundraising campaign that will ensure that all of our services remain available to anyone impacted by adoption. 

Support to people after adoption is one of the many reasons C2Adopt is so special. C2Adopt is there and can help over YEARS with all of the complicated and difficult issues, feelings and experiences that accompany many adoption journeys. We can't offer the support that we do without YOUR HELP. Our support groups are FREE, our consultations for search/reunion are FREE, our unending commitment to helping over a lifetime - priceless. Please consider giving during this fundraiser AND sharing this link with at least two others and asking them to also support the work and services of C2Adopt! THANK YOU!