The past year and a half have been extremely hard on many of us, our family, and our communities- both those we see and those we often do not see. As our communities struggled, we have seen a large impact on the children especially here in Virginia.

As of the end of 2020 in VA alone, there were 5,250 children in foster care which is about a 17% increase from the norm. If you are not aware, some of those children in foster care have the ultimate goal of being able to live with their parents or other family members, while others (a smaller percent) have exhausted those options and therefore have the goal of adoption. Of those 5,000+ children in foster care, at the end of 2020 there are 1,774 who have a goal of adoption, which is up almost 200%! The pandemic has certainly taken its toll on our society in many unforeseen ways, and this is likely one of those. Sadly, we have likely not seen the end.

C2Adopt works to help make sure that these children in foster care find a safe, loving, permanent home through finding families, helping families prepare, and lifelong support to all of those in the adoption journey.

Your contributions to Building Family Ties could help a child like Justin.

Justin's Story:

My name is Justin. I’m 12 years old. I went to six different places in foster care in 2 years. I couldn’t control my anger so I went from foster home to foster home and had to go to the hospital a few times. My mother, father and grandfather all beat me so when I got angry I didn’t know how to get calm. My foster dad worked with C2Adopt to adopt me. They gave him training on how to respond when I got angry. He’s kind of “old school” so he didn’t agree with everything, but he started helping me to calm down by reminding me that he loved me. He told me he would always be there for me no matter how angry I got. My adoption was finalized early last year. I’ve gotten a lot better but I still struggle with my anger. But he’s still here. He still loves me!