BUILDING FAMILY TIES - A unique, online fundraiser for

C2Adopt – Supporting Your Lifetime Adoption Journey

(formerly coordinators2inc)


Have you ever heard the story of how C2Adopt was started? It’s a good story – two women who believed that they could do more in the adoption community by starting their own agency to help find families to adopt children waiting, sometimes years, in foster care. They sold pies from the back of their cars to raise funds to start the agency. They launched into new ideas for recruiting new families, preparing children for placement and educating the community about the needs of children in foster care.  They also soon realized they had a talent for writing creative, innovative grant proposals initiating new programs in Virginia that are now woven into the Virginia child welfare system. For example:

Child specific recruitment: when a specific child’s story is shared with potential families it has a much greater impact in finding the family that will best meet that child’s needs.

Adoptive Family Preservation: when the state participates in putting families together, we have an obligation to support those families for a lifetime. Adoption is a lifelong process and our services support birth/first & adoptive parents and adoptees throughout their childhood and adulthood.

Open Adoption: once considered so new and untested that no other agency in Virginia was willing to try it. In 1989, C2Adopt was the first agency to embrace open adoption and has been the leader ever since in showing that children thrive best in adoptive families when all of their history is known to them and can be shared with them throughout their life span.

Now the story of C2Adopt is 28 years old – and like many young adults, we continue to need help and the investment of our community to continue to succeed and thrive. You will make the difference in the next 28 years. From the first two women selling pies to get us started – to the ten women who now share that same passion and commitment to serve children better through adoption; we need YOUR help by participating in this unique fundraiser.

Three steps is all it takes:

1. Select a child’s team OR respond to the link that’s been sent to you by a friend/your own family tie
2. Provide your investment selecting a Building Block level:
a. Yellow block—Foundation Level  $250.00
b. Blue block—Roof Level  $100.00
c. Red block—Wall Level  $50.00
d. White block—Floor Level  $25.00
3. Ask at least 3 friends to do the same thing – share with them why you believe in C2Adopt; share with them the unique link to your selected team story of a child C2Adopt has touched through our services.  Then remember to ask them to also share this with at least 3 more people.