BUILDING FAMILY TIES - A unique, online fundraiser for


This year, we celebrate and highlight the two major program areas of C2Adopt and ask you to join us in a little friendly competition! We are going to use the stories of both programs to drive interest and donations to one or the other. Please take time to click on both Team pages to read the impact our services have had on children and their families. Then choose one to make your donation beginning on Mother's Day! By Father's Day, when we end this online challenge, we will see which team has been able to raise the most! 

All of the clients of C2Adopt have some significant struggle related to motherhood or fatherhood - so it is not a coincidence that we chose those dates to anchor this fundraiser.

  • If you are in a crisis pregnancy and unsure of your ability or readiness to be a mother or father - we are here to help you sort through ALL your options and make a decision that is well informed.
  • Have you been trying to become a parent through other means and not been successful? Maybe adoption is the way you can grow your family and we are here to help you unravel all of the possibilities.
  • Many children through no fault of their own have no one that they continue to call mom or dad. They desperately want what it appears all other children have - someone who will love them unconditionally, forever.
  • If you are a mother or father - you know how challenging parenthood can be under the best of circumstances. Add some extra issues of abuse, neglect, moving from family to family and other special needs and the challenges simply increase. How helpful would it be to know there is a resource for you to to help with crises, school challenges, navigating the mental health system, and counseling? Especially to receive support from a resource that understands the impact of adoption, trauma and disrupted attachment.
  • Perhaps you are a mother or father who made an adoption decision for your child years ago and you wonder about reunification and building a relationship as adults? Or perhaps you were adopted as a child and are now interested in sorting through the feelings and thoughts of knowing you have more than one mother or father? Support, guidance and connection with other who share your experience always helps.

If you have read this far and you do not fit in any of the catagories above, it is a very good bet that you know someone who does. Adoption has a ripple effect that ends up impacting nearly everyone in some way. Help us now to continue to provide the quality PLACEMENT and SUPPORT services that C2Adopt offers!

Three steps is all it takes:

1. Select Team PLACEMENT or Team SUPPORT OR respond to the link that’s been sent to you by a friend/your own family tie
2. Provide your contribution to Building Family Ties and then...
3. Ask at least 2 friends to do the same thing – share with them why you believe in C2Adopt; share with them the unique link to your selected team.  Then remember to ask them to also share this with at least 2 more people. Through your Family (and Friends!) Ties, you will help us Build Family Ties for children and families in VA!