About This Event

Building Family Ties, C2Adopt’s annual online fundraiser, is kicking off a little early this year in an effort to help children and families who have been impacted by COVID-19.

Many of us are fortunate to have our families to lean on for love, support and security during this scary and challenging time.  Now, imagine the loneliness and fear of children dealing with this pandemic without a permanent family. 

While it’s hard to project the financial, emotional and physical impact of this pandemic, one thing is for certain, COVID-19 will absolutely drive an even greater need of foster care services.

That’s why we’re here. It’s in our DNA. C2Adopt wants to AND must be there to support children and families.

Today, there are nearly 5,000 children in foster care across VA and that number is likely to grow significantly in the wake of this unprecedented pandemic. 

Your contributions to Building Family Ties will help ensure our critical services continue without disruption and prepare us to expand recruitment, placement, family preparation and counseling services that will grow dramatically as a result of COVID-19. 

Please consider donating and helping us continue to Build Family Ties!  As a reminder, the CARES act allows for a $300 charitable tax deduction – whether you itemize or use the standard deduction.





Getting Involved is as Easy as 1,2,3...

1. Select an individual FUNDRAISER (C2Adopt Board Member, ED, or Founder) OR respond to the link that's been sent to you by a friend/your own family tie

2. Provide your contribution to Building Family Ties and then...

3. Ask at least 2 friends to do the same thing: share with them why you believe in C2Adopt; share with them the unique link to your selected team. Then remember to ask them to also share this with at least 2 more people. Through your Family (and Friends!) Ties, you help us Build Family Ties for children and families in VA!