1.       Tiffany

I almost threw up when I walked in to the office. I couldn’t believe I was going to have to talk about this. I’m 19 and pregnant…really pregnant; about 6 months now. I’m willing to consider adoption but I also really want to be a mom.  I met with a social worker at C2Adopt.  I was sure they were going to tell me only how great adoption is and that they’d make everything else seem impossible. They are an adoption agency, right? But they didn’t – I think she really wanted to help me find a way to be a mom. I’m still not sure I can make it work, but I have some information now that helps me understand my choices better. I have some calls to make and some people to talk to. And my C2Adopt worker will keep helping even if I don’t choose adoption! And if I do, they will let me pick the family and help me decide what kind of adoption to do and how much contact to have. Still a lot to think about – but now I have help.