1.       Janelle, Tony and Jason:

There are three of us 9, 12 and 14 and we need to be adopted together.  We only have each other but sometimes people only want one of us or maybe two but not three. Either they don’t have enough room or have other kids already and three more is way too many.  We all have different personalities but we all are athletic, even my sister.  I like track, my sister and brother like basketball. And we all love, really love playing video games.  I like the foster family where we live, they are nice but they are older and feel they are too old to adopt us. I wish they didn’t feel that way. I get it sometimes but then I wonder why they say we can stay in foster care with them but they won’t adopt us. Maybe one day I will understand that one. I hope we find a family that will let us still visit our foster family. Maybe they could be like our grandparents, since they think they are too old.