C2adopt played such an important role in our adoption. Please take a moment to read my story and help me raise money for this wonderful non-profit. 

C2adopt completed our home study for adoption. After waiting just a few short months we were matched with a beautiful little girl born in Texas. We jumped on a plane with just two days notice that we were to be parents! C2adopt did a great job educating us on the process of adoption and we knew we could be in Texas for some time but in our minds we thought it would be a fast process and we would be there just over a week. The first couple of days were just a blur- the excitement of being new parents and the joy of contacting all our friends and family to let them know the news. 

Not knowing anyone in Texas, we stayed in hotels. We started in one close to the hospital, then after a week with our paperwork that allows us to leave the state with our new baby had not moved much through the process, we decided to move to another hotel with a kitchen and laundry. After another few days there and the paperwork still not moving and the expenses adding up we decided to move to another hotel- at this point we were anxious to get home!

Finally the agency in Texas finished the paperwork and it was on its way to Virginia for approval. I called Becky at C2adopt for help and advise. She said she would reach out to her contact in the Virginia office and help move the process along. Come to find out the paperwork that was sent was incomplete! With the weekend approaching I was panicking that we would be in Texas for another week! I called Becky again holding back tears saying “Please help! I wanna come home!” and she said she would do everything she could to make sure we could get home asap. 

AND- Friday afternoon at 5pm we were approved to leave and bring our new baby home! 

I am sure that without Becky’s help we would have been staying in Texas for another week. Having worked with a few agencies now, I have seen the passion and desire this organization has for their clients and children that go above and upon.  I ask that you please consider donating to this organization ($20 or even $10) will make a huge impact on the children in foster care waiting for adoption!