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1.       Ruby:

I went into foster care when I was 13 because my birth mom was abusive and out of control. I wasn’t going to school and she would hit me sometimes. I didn’t really know what kind of family I wanted to adopt me. I just didn’t want parents that would yell, hit and make me feel like I was to blame for everything bad that happened. My C2Adopt worker introduced me to two women who wanted to adopt an older child. I was nervous, but they were patient and understood that I was shy because I worried they wouldn’t like me.  We celebrate “family day” as the day my adoption was finalized. My adoption was finalized last year right after my moms got married in DC. And now their marriage is ok in VA, too. So I officially have two moms!

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1.       The Jones:

We were so overwhelmed when we called! There is so much information about adoption we didn’t know where to start. We called C2Adopt because some friends suggested them and we kept hearing their name. I couldn’t believe I got a real person on the phone AND she took loads of time answering our questions. We were really nervous about open adoption; we weren’t sure at all if we could do that. Their training made a big difference. We see adoption completely different now. I never thought I would look forward to building a relationship with my child’s first mother, but now I do! And they give us so much support and let us decide what we want to do to find a possible placement; we are not stuck with just waiting for them to find something. I love being empowered to make this happen; I love being able to know I can turn to them for honest feedback and guidance. It’s not an easy choice, but they are making it easier. 


Hey Team!  Below is a story from a foster child who C2 Adopt is actively trying to help with permanent placement.  Over the next few weeks I'll be updating this page with more stories, in an effort to attempt to show the true breadth of the work C2 Adopt does in the state of Virginia.  

Thanks for your consideration!  - Kyle

I am David and I am 16 years old. I am living in a residential treatment center but I am almost ready to be discharged because I am doing so well here. The problem is I don’t have a family yet to go to. My social worker has sent my information out to lots of agencies but so far no one has come forward. I think they are worried that I will act out again. But I now know that things that happened to me when I was little affected me and that I did things that weren’t safe.  I love sports and hope I get a family who will get me on a baseball or basketball team. I also hope I move to a family with a dog or they will get me a dog. I think animals can help you cope with life. They love you no matter what you do as long as you don’t hurt them. If you know of anyone please call my C2Adopt worker, I don’t have much time before I guess I’ll be too old for a family.