Many of you know our adoption story with Sasha and Bryce. C2 Adopt provided meaningful guidance and thoughtful counseling along the way -- and they continue to be a resource for us! Their approach of building families through open adoption, bridging adoptive and birth families together, continues to be a beautiful and fulfilling journey for all of us. 

Many folks do not know that infant adoption is just a small percentage of the amazing work at C2Adopt. Over 700 children are in foster care in Virginia, and C2Adopt works diligently to place children with forever families. C2 Adopt provides education, placement, support, and counseling services to the children in foster care and to anyone whose life has been touched by adoption.  This is all done without cost to the foster parents. 

In this stressful time of pandemic, C2Adopt is at the frontline for families and children who are going through magnified emotions and fear. It is difficult to think of going through these uncertain times without an anchor and without a family. At this time between Mother's Day and Father's Day (May 10 -- June 16), please consider making a financial contribution to C2Adopt.  No gift is too small, and we can fulfill a child's dream to make a family.  Thank you for considering a donation to C2Adopt!