Anyone who knows me, knows how meaningful adoption has been in my life. My daughter, Ella, who was adopted from Russia at the of age 10, is the light of my life. From the moment I opened the email with her photo and bio, I knew I had found my daughter—and my adoption journey began. 

Knowing how hard it is to place an older child, I chose to serve on the board of a non-profit called C2Adopt.  They not only place adoptive and foster children but also provide on-going counseling to the families……and they need help today. The cost to place one foster child with a family for adoption is $6,000.  Here is the story of one of the waiting teens.


I have a boy’s name because my dad named me after him. He loved me but he had a drug problem and could not take care of me. My mom left him and me when I was around 3 years old. My dad tried but he just could not do it. We lived a hard life, but we had each other. We had little money and sometimes no electricity or food. I would like to be adopted by a family if they would accept me as I am and not try to make me something I am not. Just because I grew up poor does not make you better than me or my dad bad. I think being adopted would be good for me as I want opportunities to try new things, go places and have someone to help me with my schoolwork. I say that but I hate doing homework. I guess that makes me a regular teenager.  Oh, by the way, I do not do so great in school all the time. Sometimes I am more interested in spending time with my friends. Oh, yea another normal teenager. I do have some problems with anger issues, but I am working on it. Also, I hate long lectures and people acting like they are doing me a big favor by adopting me. It is weird having to go through this in the first place so give me some slack please. Let my C2Adopt worker know if you want a normal teenager with a few added issues.

Between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day (May 9th – June 20th), I ask that you please consider making a financial contribution to C2Adopt. Due to the financial hardships of COVID, the foster care system is overwhelmed with foster children. No gift is too small, and together we can fulfill a child’s dream and make a family.