Anyone who knows me, knows how meaningful adoption has been in my life. My daughter, Ella, who was adopted from Russia at the of age 10, is the light of my life. From the moment I opened the email with her photo and bio, I knew I had found my daughter—and my daughter had found me.

Ella is 21 now. I can't tell you it's always been easy or perfect…..but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The strong bond between Ella and I is gratifying, joyful and life-affirming.

I consider those at Ella’s and my adoption agency to be miracle workers. Throughout our journey, they were mentors, task masters, confidants, therapists, and friends.

So I know first-hand what adoption agencies can do and the difference they can make in lives. That is why I chose to serve on the Board of the non-profit agency C2Adopt.  They not only place adoptive and foster children but also provide on-going counseling to the families……and they need help today. The cost to place one foster child with a family for adoption is $6,000. 

With all of us feeling the stress of the covid-19 pandemic, my heart aches as I think of all the children with no parents to hug them and tell them it’s going to be okay. How alone and scared they must be waiting for an adoptive or foster-care home. While this may not be an ideal time for C2Adopt to have a fundraiser, we have to keep moving forward in our efforts to provide homes for parentless children. Pandemics don’t stop the need……they exacerbate it.

Obviously, we can’t do an in-person fundraiser right now…… so we are keeping things simple. At this time between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day (May 10-June 16), I ask that you please consider making a financial contribution to C2Adopt. No gift is too small, and together we can fulfill a child’s dream and make a family.