I didn’t find out I was adopted until I was a teenager. I loved my parents & sister (also an adoptee), was very close with my extended family and had an awesome upbringing. Through high school, I didn’t even really talk about my adoption.  With the support of my parents, though, I decided to meet my biological mom when I was in college.  Today, I am blessed to have great relationships with both and often think about how difficult it must've been to go through that experience as adults.  As a parent today, I wanted to give back in a way that could help those going through similar experiences as we have...which led me to join the board of C2Adopt - a non profit providing services to adoptive families and children in greater Richmond.

In Richmond alone, there are hundreds of children in foster care. The services necessary to get them placed with a family is extensive - averaging  $6k for 1 child. Kids in foster care don’t get to experience the things I did as a kid. No birthday party, let alone presents. Trash bags for their clothes because they don’t have a suitcase. A night out to the movies would be a big deal and a trip to Busch Gardens is just a dream.

Between Mother’s Day & Father’s Day, I am asking for your support to help raise funding to support the critical services needed for adoptive children and parents.  No fancy gala or complicated night out - this is strictly an online fundraiser that’s a critical driver of C2Adopt’s financial needs. We are anchoring this drive between Mother’s & Father’s day to encourage all of us to reflect on the importance of parents in our lives and to think about those struggling to start their own or to become part of a family.

I hope you decide to join in and support us!