·        We just celebrated our five year anniversary of being a family.  How grateful we are for all the family, friends and support organizations like C2Adopt have provided us along the way.  This year we thought it would be helpful to hear first-hand how a donation to C2Adopt directly affects the emotional well being of children that C2Adopt clients face every day.  Below is Callie, Caitlin, and Alex’s story:

 I am Callie and I am the oldest.  It is my job to take care of my brother and sister because my parents weren’t able to.  They wanted to, but the social worker said there was too much trash and too many bugs in our house.  We missed a lot of school because we didn’t have the stuff we needed to go.  And when we got sick we didn’t go to the doctor.  Now we live with nice people, but they only want to be foster parents, not a forever family.  I am fourteen and in the eighth grade.  Caitlin and Alex are twins and are nine.  They annoy me sometimes, but I love them and we really want parents who will adopt all of us together.  We would love to live in the country with lots of room to play outside and lots of pets.  I really want a mom who will cook and clean so I don’t have to do it.  Mostly, I want C2Adopt to find a mom and dad who will help us with our homework, play with us, and keep us safe.  That’s what Caitlin and Alex want, too.

Between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, feel free to use the link below to make a donation to C2Adopt to provide support services that will increase the likelihood that children find a permanent home.  Our family goal is to raise $6,000, the estimated cost to bring a child from disruption to permanency with all the layers of help and support that is vitally needed.  If your employer allows for matching contributions, please use your receipt to facilitate that opportunity to make your donation twice as impactful.  On behalf of our family, thank you ahead of time for making a difference in the outcomes for children in Virginia.  Additionally if you know of a friend or family member who was touched by the generosity of others who helped them achieve a permanent family, feel free to pass this on. 

The Labotts