·         Have you ever kept a watchful eye when in public looking for couples or families that you think might make a good mom or dad for you?

·         Have you ever tried to concentrate on homework while worrying that a family member who lives in your same house might cause you harm? 

·         Have you ever stayed up half the night waiting for others to fall asleep so you could sneak in the kitchen to grab some food that you were earlier in the day denied?

·         Have you ever stolen, acted out, abused another child just for the opportunity to get some attention from an adult that might hear your story? 

·         Have you ever been traumatized so severely that your brain tells you to speak but you can’t form the words or sounds to communicate the hurt?


If you answered “no” to the five questions above, consider yourself one of the lucky ones that are not one of the more than 4,800 children in Virginia that are living in the foster care system.  For many varied reasons, Virginia is habitually and statistically one of the worst states for a child trying to find a permanent family.  C2Adopt is one of the amazing organizations that steps in where the Virginia Department of Social Services drops off.  Among only a few of the ways they serve Virginia’s foster care children is by training families with a heart for adoption on how to establish a permanent situation lessening the opportunity for disruption, providing much needed counseling for families learning how to manage and overcome their children’s trauma and neglect, and helping adoptive families navigate the very cumbersome and overwhelming red tape to permanence.    


Scott, Faith and I have lived the reality of the challenge of working toward permanence and feel incredibly blessed for agencies like C2Adopt.  We hope that when you think of ways to make a difference for children in our community, you’ll think of C2Adopt.  Between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, feel free to use the link below to make a donation to C2Adopt to provide support services that will increase the likelihood that children find a permanent home.  Our family goal is to raise $6,000, the estimated cost to bring a child from disruption to permanency with all the layers of help and support that is vitally needed.  If your employer allows for matching contributions, please use your receipt to facilitate that opportunity to make your donation twice as impactful.  On behalf of our family, thank you ahead of time for making a difference in the outcomes for children in Virginia.  Additionally if you know of a friend or family member who was touched by the generosity of others who helped them achieve a permanent family, feel free to pass this on. 

The Labotts