Last year I was fortunate enough to be asked to join the Board of Directors of C2Adopt, a local non-profit organization that helps support families and children throughout their lifetime adoption journey. C2's Mission and Vision immediately pulled at my heartstrings as I learned more about the adoption process and just how many children in the Commonwealth are struggling to find their forever homes. However, what C2 does really hit home for me when I met, fell in love with and later married an adoptee. My wife was fortunate enough to find a loving forever family, but sadly that is not the reality for many of Virginia's foster children and that is why C2Adopt's services are so incredibly important. Please consider donating today! Your money will go a long way toward helping children and families in need. Thank YOU so much for your consideration! 

      Don't just take my word for it. Please take a few minutes to read Spencer's story (below). It really helps shed a light on the impact your funding can make!: 
I came into foster care when I was only 4 with my younger brother. We were homeless after our house burned down and our mother couldn’t care for us. She never managed to get a job or a place to live and she eventually died. My brother and I moved from foster home to foster home. We never stayed in the same place long. I always felt like I was blamed for everything, especially when one of our foster homes decided to adopt my brother but not me. I barely got to see him when we were split up and I continued to move around. When my C2Adopt recruiter was assigned, she would spend a lot of time with me working on my life book and talking about my birth family. She even got me in contact with some of them and helped me to get visits back with my brother. After 10 years of being a “foster kid”, she also helped me find my forever family. Now, not only do I still have my younger brother, but I got a new sister and another younger brother!