Hi I am Mason. I am 13 years old. I was born a ‘normal ‘kid but I am anything but ‘ normal ‘ now because all that has happened to me. I should be playing on a team, taking lessons, playing on a computer, or playing with my siblings.

BUT because of all that I have been through I have trouble getting along with other kids and some adults, I look at stuff I shouldn’t on the computer, and I’ve gotten so angry that I have hit my siblings, (just like my dad hit my mom)

Like I said I started out normal, a little baby boy who was really quite cute. My birth family had lots of problems and for a while I thought all families lived like we did; sometimes in a motel, sometimes in the car, and sometimes with some weird/mean people. Well it wasn’t normal and so I had to go to a foster home. I thought my parents would get it together but that didn’t happen so I went to other foster homes. I started not to be so ‘normal’. I was so angry, sad, scared, behind in school, and I didn’t trust anyone. SO I moved from foster home to foster home. People would say I could stay and they would adopt me BUT when I did something wrong over and over; they decided they didn’t want a kid like me.

WELL I got a worker from C2Adopt who told me that my behaviors were very normal for what I had been through. She said I needed a family who understood that and could hang in with me,  help me, and love me. It took a long time to find that family but guess what,  we found them. It isn’t always easy for them or me. I still think sometimes they are going to get rid of me but they get help from C2Adopt, who reminds them I  really am  a ‘normal” kid who needs a lot of help.

Don’t tell the family but I do love them, but I am not ready to tell them because what if I say it and they do get rid of me? I just can’t take that chance yet. I think if I am still here by Christmas, I might just tell them.