I am very scared about my future. I am 14 and I only have 4 years before I am 18 years old. I live in foster care with my sister who is two years younger and I also worry about her. I want to be adopted because I think that will give me some piece of mind about what is going to happen to me and my sister. Right now we don’t know whether we will just grow up here until we age out or if our foster parents will follow through with their threats of having us move if we misbehave.  I do well in school, am more of a home body and try to be good. My sister doesn’t do as well in school but she has a fun personality, loves to eat out and go places. I hope my C2Adopt worker can find a family who wants teenagers but I know most people want babies.

I have volunteered my time to C2Adopt for the past 6 years because I believe that every child should have the security of a permanent home. The support of a loving family to cheer their successes and see them through the harder times. It really does take a village to make this happen and it is the community members that support C2Adopt that help children waiting to be adopted build their own family ties.